What is better, Apple TV 3rd Gen, Apple TV 4th Gen or an Amazon Fire TV

I'd say the Fire TV, but get the Fire TV box, not the stick. It supports side-loading apps, so you can run things even if they don't make it into the official

How To Pair (Or Re-Pair) An Apple Remote With An Apple TV

Compare Apple TV 4th gen vs Apple TV 3rd gen vs Apple TV 2nd Gen vs Apple TV 1st gen Apple TV generations comparison Products > High-Tech > Media players. Favorite. 1 Likes. Last update 2017-09-13 09:10:48. Compare Apple TV new model: Apple TV 4K aga Differences Between Apple TV 3 and Apple TV 4 (2015): The Apple TV 3rd Gen and Apple TV 4th Gen are easy to differentiate when they're next to one another. However, as there are two Apple TV 3rd Gen models and the Apple TV 2nd Gen model also looks identical to the Apple TV 3rd Gen, visual identification is not a good method. Differences Between Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3: EveryMac.com Apple provides only minimal technical information regarding any Apple TV model. Specifically, Apple reveals that the Apple TV 2nd Gen is powered by an Apple A4 processor and the Apple TV 3rd Gen models are powered by an Apple A5 processor, both with a single processor core. Apple TV 4th Generation vs. 3rd Generation Comparison – HD Report Image Credit: Apple (original) Let’s compare the Apple TV 4th generation with the 3rd generation model. Apple TVs Compared Video. The new Apple TV supports H.264-coded video at 1080p and 60

Differences Between Apple TV 4 2015 and Apple TV 4K 2017: EveryMac.com What are all the differences between the current Apple TV 4th Gen (Siri) and Apple TV 4K models? Which is best for me? The Apple TV 4th Gen (Siri) model, first released in 2015 and still sold as new, and the Apple TV 4K released in 2017 look practically identical, but there are major differences in connectivity and capability. Differences Between iPad 3 and iPad 4: EveryiPad.com By contrast, the iPad 4th Gen is fully supported by iOS 8 with the exception of the "Health" and "Apple Pay" features. Both the iPad 3rd Gen and iPad 4th Gen support iOS 9, too. Support is minimal for the iPad 3rd Gen. It's a bit better for the iPad 4th Gen, with the majority of functionality supported -- including Spotlight and Siri All-New Fire TV (2017) vs 2nd Gen Fire TV (2015) - Speed Test! - YouTube

Apple TV (2nd Generation) 8GB Media Streamer - A1378 for Free shipping. Apple TV Model A1378 (2nd Gen), NO Remote OR Power Cord. UNIT Apple TV (3rd Generation) HD Media Streamer - A1427 (Canada). (34) Apple TV (32GB, 4th Generation) HD Media Streamer - Black (MGY52LL/A). (33)  Apple TV – Full information, models, specs and more | iGotOffer 1.1 Apple TV 4th Generation; 1.2 Apple TV 3rd Generation; 1.3 Apple TV 2nd to the platform since the release of the 2nd Generation in September 2010. How To Pair (Or Re-Pair) An Apple Remote With An Apple TV

Apple TV (2nd Generation) 8GB Media Streamer - A1378 for

PLEASE HELP! New Apple user and looking to purchase a used 2nd or 3rd generation ipod touch. what's the difference between 2nd and 3rd generation? apparently I am told that the 2nd gen does not have the capabilities of listening without headphone? and the 3rd gen does?? Question: Q: Does AirPlay work on the 3rd generation Apple TV I'm thinking about purchasing an Apple TV. Obviously the 4th generation will be up to date, but I'm mostly using it for Netflix and Hulu. I want to be able to AirPlay from my Macbook or iPhone, so I was wondering if the 3rd generation is capable of Airplay. Thank you. Identify your Apple TV model - Apple Support You can find the model number of your Apple TV in three places. This number identifies your device. For example, since Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation) look alike, you need the model number to tell them apart.