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When I BURN DVD/CD they will play on my computer they will not

Can I burn an audio CD on a DVD-R and have it behave as a CD-R so I can

Video software for Windows at Filehippo - FileHippo.com A Simple Media Player With Basic Features The application allows you to copy any DVD/Blu-ray disc to a computer HDD and then burn it to blank IsoBuster is an award winning , highly specialized and easy to use CD, DVD and blu-ray  Why won't my burned CDs play on my CD player? | The Tech Bill does the sound at his church and when he uses burned CDs, they won't work with his players. Leo says that there's more than one way to burn a disc. When I BURN DVD/CD they will play on my computer they will not

How to Copy or Burn a CD Using Windows Media Player: 15 Steps - 06.06.2019 · This wikiHow teaches you how to use Windows Media Player to copy (or "rip") an audio CD's files onto your computer, as well as how to burn files onto a CD using Windows Media Player. Your computer must have both Windows Media Player and a DVD disc drive in order for this to work. Car Audio DVD Maker, Make your own car music DVD, MP3 DVD Maker You can burn CD or DVD disc with audio music easily from wide range audio files like WMA,WAV,MP2,and MP3. With Car Audio DVD Maker you can burn your own audio CDs or DVDs that can be played by any standard home stereo,ar stereo or portable CD player. Besides, you also can burn about 1,000 audio music files to DVD that can be played by your DVD Burn MP3 DVDs for car stereo CD/DVD player? | MacRumors Forums I have a car stereo with flip up video screen that is capable of playing DVDs and CDs, including MP3 CDs. What I would like is to burn a DVD disk full of MP3s that the stereo is able to play. I tried burning a DVD-RW using Toast in MP3 Disc format but the unit didn't accept it. I haven't tried Toast's Music DVD format yet.

Free CD and DVD burner that is quick and easy to burn CD's/DVD's. Free. 8. In some cases, a car CD player is the only option for music other than the radio. Why won't my CD-R Audio or CD-RW Audio disc - fujifilm usa Once the disc is finalized, a CD-R disc should be playable on all CD players. Some older players You may want to try burning another CD at a slower speed. Many older CD players, can read CD-RWs. The same is true for DVD players. Free Audio CD Burner - DVDVideoSoft.com Free Audio CD Burner creates CD discs to play them in any music center such as disc center, car stereo with CD player, etc. Program's Features: - burns CD-R 

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For this, we would recommend trying out the Wondershare DVD Creator. It's great for burning CDs and DVDs easily — with features that maximize its intuitive  [Freeware] Free Audio CD Burner | Creates CD discs to play Why don't you make Custom CDs for your car stereo, portable cd player or for Besides, you also can burn about 200 music to CD or 1200 music to DVD that  Solved: dvd drive, plays cd's,dvds but will not burn does not dvd drive, plays cd's,dvds but will not burn does not recognize any cd's loaded I find the cd's do not play in windows media player nor can I burn using. However when I tried to play it in my car cd player it shows err and nothing happens.