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Auf Twitter gab es einige Hinweise, die auf ein neues Metal Gear Solid Projekt hindeuten. Was genau es damit auf sich hat, ist noch unbekannt.

Mit der Metal Gear Solid HD Collection erscheint am 03. Feburar 2012 eines der vielen HD-Remakes von Spielen der letzten Konsolengeneration. Da die Sammlung in den USA bereits seit November

Der Versuch, die Existenz des Metal Gear Solid 3-Remakes für Pachislot-Automaten zu ignorieren, ist einmal mehr fehlgeschlagen. Eine Reihe von Bildern (via Metal Gear Informer) macht zum Metal Gear Solid - Unreal-Engine-Remake kommt zurück - als VR-Erfahrung Metal Gear Solid sollte als Fan-Remake in der Unreal Engine 4 entstehen, das Projekt musste aber eingestellt werden. Immerhin sollen die bereits fertigen Umgebungen für ein virtuelles Museum The Metal Gear Series on the PS4 - What Does the Future Hold? I would love to see Metal Gear Solid remade for the PS4, how incredible that would be. Movies are remade all the time, some good, some bad, but for what its worth Metal Gear Solid being remade for the PS4 would be a dream come true for any Metal Gear fan and those who have never played it. This Metal Gear Solid Dreams Remake Has Fans Excited A Metal Gear Solid Dreams remake, from TT Games developer Bear Parker, has many MGS fans really excited online.

Metal Gear Solid Remake Created In Dreams On PS4 - PlayStation The Metal Gear Solid remake in Dreams is the brainchild of user Barely Regal, who has been working on the recreation of Konami’s stealth-action title for a few weeks. He’s now offered an Metal Gear Solid HD Remake - Teaser 2 (DREAMS) - YouTube 12.05.2019 · The HD remake of Metal Gear Solid is starting to take shape! Do you want to get involved? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter: https:// Metal Gear Solid HD Remake in Dreams on PS4 by Bearly Regal |

In Metal Gear Solid wird enthüllt, dass Solid Snake ein genetischer Klon von Big Boss sei. Weitere Klone sind die Antagonisten von Metal Gear Solid und Metal Gear Solid 2, Liquid Snake und Solidus Snake. In Metal Gear Solid 3, das innerhalb der Spielchronologie vor den vorherigen Teilen spielt, ist Big Boss dann erstmals Spielerfigur. Metal Gear und Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake - Next Gen Remake für PS3 hi, leute wäre es nicht der hammer wenn metal gear und metal gear 2 Solid Snake ales next gen remake für die ps3 erscheinen würden. solid snake in jung, big boss, gray fox usw. mit heutiger Is the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Sneaking to PS4? - Push Square The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection could be coming to the PlayStation 4, assuming a listing on Texas-based developer Armature's website is accurate. While the compilation - which features Metal Gear Solid Remake Homage Now Fully Playable In Dreams Metal Gear Solid Remake Homage Now Fully Playable In Dreams! A homage to the beloved title has been recreated in Media Molecule's latest game.

26 Apr 2019 I don't know and unless your an insider nobody will know either way so I'm going to go with maybe. I think the correct word to use is remake 

14 May 2019 Take this Metal Gear Solid remake, which is so impressive that it's already gotten Hideo Kojima's approval. The auteur Dreams (PS4). Share  The Metal Gear Solid Remake Made in Dreams Has Handed 18 Jun 2019 The Metal Gear Solid Remake Made in Dreams Has Handed Over the Tools to You. Hideo Kojima Retweets Related Games. Dreams (PS4). The first confirmed PS5 game is from remake specialist 8 Oct 2019 Bluepoint is famous for its remakes and remasters, a reputation earned of Shadow of the Colossus for PS4, as well as its work on titles like Uncharted: Metal Gear Solid was one of the premiere PS1 releases, lauded for its