A ver si con esos dos enlaces arreglas el problema, de todas formas, si fuera posible intentaría instalar W7 64 bits al menos, XP ya se ha quedado muy antiguo y así aprovechas toda la ram.

Installed from "Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto IV\Installers\vcredist_x86.exe". It really wasn't an issue for me, because i had many other vcredist (2008/2010/2013). Reinstalling it pretty had no impact on launching the game.

28 Apr 2013 GTA 4 GTA IV | EFLC Simple Native Trainer v6.5 Mod was downloaded 924409 times and it has 9.53 of 10 points so far. Download it now for error little window pops up and duzent open menu and make u qwit game? help. Quote; Reply SecuLauncher: failed to start application. [2000] -> 0x000002E4

GTA 4 highly compressed download for pc full version GTA 4 highly compressed full version download for pc in 7 GB direct link + torrent link only and 100% lossless compression from our website. Xzone.cz - Jdeme hráčům naproti Zdravim chtel bych abyste mi nekdo poradily s problemem s touto hrou.Kdyz spustim Bioshock 2 tak me to napise tuto chybu:SecuLauncher: failed to start application. [2001] (sipka) 0x00000002 KinKi Kids's 2017 special drama "Our courage less city…

Install GTA IV from Steam as normal. 2. Try to launch the game, copy the serial, and let it install its dependencies (WLFG, SecuROM, etc..).. once complete it will bring up social club. How to: Fix Seculauncher [2000] Error Guide - Help & Support - Step 13: Navigate to Program files > Steam > Steamapps >Common > Grand theft auto iv > installers >xliveredist.msi (Or the redistributable folder when exploring the CD for people using a CD. Step 14: WS10 error supposibly has to do with windows live, so you want to uninstall and reinstall if you already had it, or install it from the folders in step 13 if you didnt have it at all. GTA IV Failing to launch due to error: seculauncher failed to GTA IV Failing to launch due to error: seculauncher failed to start application 2000 I'v seen people getting this and all the answers evolve putting your CD in to fix it. Yet steam dose not even have disks because its meant to install it all correctly.

gta iv problem pomocy proszę!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 14.10.2013 - TEMATY OGÓLNE. Witam, mam problem z GTA IV. Gdy włączam grę wyskakuje okienko DOS-u dosłownie na 1s. I znika. Odpalam przez RGSC to samo. Zmieniam na zgodność z Windowsem 7 i wyskakuje How To: Fix GTAIV PC "Seculauncher failed to start application The only way I can launch mine is simply through the icon that will get displayed on your desktop/start menu when you install the game originally titled: "grand theft auto iv". I'm sure the aforementioned LaunchGTAIV.exe file will also do the trick. And when it does launch I stay the hell away from the WIndows live update that pops up every GTA IV (SecuLauncher: failed to start application. [2000]) » Bu problem PC nizde yüklü olan bazı ubdate veya programların silinmesinden kaynaklanıyor bu kesin sebeb sizin crack yüklemeniz bişeyi deyiştirmez veya gta 4 sürüm deyiştirmenin sadece tek faydası sildiğiniz programından faydalanmamaya başlar belki bu sayede çalışır ama crackla alakası yok ! Miért nem indul el a GTA 4? - gyakorikerdesek.hu

In this video i'll show you How to fix GTA 4 - RGSC Error - "Application Failed To Launch" How to Fix / Bypass GTA 4 Parent Control GTA…How to Fix GTA 4 RGSC Error - Application failed to start…https://youtube.com/watch?v=bO9ClhIbrpAHello! Guys in this video i will show you how to fix RGSC (Rockstar Game Social Club) error Application Failed to start. 1) Social Club link http://adf.ly/1k

SecuLauncher: failed to start application (2000)" - Page 2 - Help Hello i just got gta iv on my vista via steam but when i click play after login i recive a message that says: Seculauncher: Failed to start application. GTA 4 Errore SecuLauncher failed to start application [2000] - Salve a tutti, è da tantissimo che non frequento questo forum purtroppo. Comunque prima avevo Windows 7 e GTA IV installato, funzionava alla perfezione poi ho messo Windows 8 e mi ha dato questo errore Seculauncher: failed to start application. [2000]. How To: Fix GTAIV PC "Seculauncher failed to start application (In my case its Program files > Steam > Steamapps >Common > Grand theft auto iv > installers. People using a disk it would be to right click on your DVD/CD drive in My computer, click explore, and find the folder named "Redistributable" Error: Seculauncher: failed to start application [2000] Grand